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Bill Reichle

West Chester, PA Therapy & Counseling

Bill Reichle, LPC, Provides Specialized Counseling Services
Bill is the owner of Avanti Consulting LLC. Bill consults and works with families, children, and adults. Bill is a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Furthermore, Bill holds a board certification as a National Certified Counselor - NCC.
Bill Reichle

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(610) 890 - 7951


Monday - Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm

Therapy / Counseling Specialities

Learning Disabilities: ADHD, Autism, Processing Disorders

Concussions, Sports Related Injuries

Executive Function

Anxiety, Depression

College Counseling

Academic / Athletic Underachievement

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(610) 890-7951


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Counseling & Therapy Locations

West Chester 

1390 Birmingham Road

West Chester, PA 19382

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Bill Reichle