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Continuing Education Courses Taken to Date

Topics Covered


* HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self Regulation


* Trauma-Informed Suicide Prevention in Youth


* Demystifying Dissociation: Principles, Best Practices, and Clinical Approaches


* Alcohol and Alcohol Use Disorders


* Child Abuse in Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Communities


* Behavioral Addictions


* Anxiety Disorders


* Depression and Suicide


* Vicarious Trauma and Resilience


* Child Abuse Identification and Reporting: The Pennsylvania Requirement


* Suicide Assessment and Prevention


* Online Professionalism and Ethics


* Providing Culturally Responsive Care to Asian Immigrants


* Health Issues Distinctive to Women


* Racial Trauma: The African American Experience


* Co-Occurring Disorders


Postpartum Depression


Harm Reduction: Concepts, Evidence, Actions 


Childhood Leukemias and Lymphomas


An Introduction to Infant-Preschooler Mental Health


Youth Suicide Prevention: Connecting Dots Between Schools and Communities


Using Guided Discovery in Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy: Strengthening Hope, Purpose, and Worthwhileness


Setting Ethical Limits: For Caring and Competent Professionals


Imminent Death and Loss


* FarmResponse Certification Program – AgriSafe


* Cultivating a Healthy Mind


Mental Health Issues Common to Veterans and Their Families


Psychologic Services for Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus


Complementary Therapies for Menopause


Sleep Disorders


…and much more to come!